S-WON P&P Symbol

We made a symbol by expressing the SW of S-WON P&P simply and concisely, and expressing the possibility of S-WON P&P to leap forward to be a global company in an open circle (earth, opening the future).
The main color is blue, which means trust, hope, and justice, and the passion and energy of the company are added with red color.

Logo Type

Korean VER.

English VER.

Mixed VER.


C : 100 / M : 80 / Y : 0 / K : 30

C : 100 / M : 100 / Y : 0 / K : 15

C : 50 / M : 20 / Y : 0 / K : 10

Prohibition Regulation

The logo type is designed with the most perfect shape through minute modification and proper work during design development. As a result, images that are conveyed can vary subtly by changes in angle, size, and spacing.
Brand marks are widely used in all visual transmission media, so any changes or manipulation during use will add to the scattering and confusion of the image and rather hinder the entire image. Therefore, the shape or color of the logo must not be altered arbitrarily as the example in this section suggests.

Shape Change

Color Change

Harmony with the Background A

Harmony with the Background B