The dry laminators (3 units) are operated for lamination processes according to a variety of composite films, including BOPP, CPP, PET, PE, nylon, and aluminum foil. The solvent-free adhesive machine (1 unit) produces high-quality products without solvents based on its high-speed process and high efficiency. The solvent-free adhesive machine bonds two different types of films, maintains their physical properties, protects their contents, provides sealing, and it has no residual solvent odors as it is solvent-free.

The extrusion lamination process creates a composite product through one T-Die. Polyethylene resin is bonded to the back side of the packaging to improve the quality of vacuum packaging or liquid products by strengthening the heat-sealing ability, cold resistance and impact resistance of the packaging. Especially, the CPP film manufactured through the T-Die method has an even thickness, excellent transparency and glossiness, as well as great printability and hygiene, so it is a widely used material for flexible packaging such as food packaging.

Manufacturing Process